Feeding habits of the freshwater crab Sodhiana iranica from Southern Iran

Sana Sharifian


Fresh water crab, Sodhiana iranica, is an endemic gecarcinucid crab that has been recently reported from Southern Iran. This research examined some feeding aspects of S.  iranica from Eelood freshwater  spring,  Southern  Iran. Crabs were haphazardly sampled from April 2012 to April 2013, on a bimonthly basis. The stomach contents of 120 crabs, ranging from 15.01 to 35. 15mm carapace width, were analyzed. Results showed stomach contents consist of mainly large quantities Plant remains, Insects, Oligochaeta, Crustacean, also small quantities of unidentifiable matter and debris. Based on the major food groups were observed in different season, Plant remains was the most dominant in spring (39.76 %), Whereas the other large quantities, the insect items and crustacea were the most dominant in autumn (38.6 %) and (23.11%) respectively. The other food items include Oligochaeta and Debris, were the most abundant in summer (19.01 %) and winter (15.52%), respectively. There were no difference observed in the quantity of the food consumed in both sexes and also significant differences observed in the preference for food items in the different season. The index C.V. varied significantly in both sex that was ranged between 1.4- 38.88 % and 12.5- 83.33 % for male and female, respectively. Despite the diversity in diets and feeding habits of S. iranica, it showed herbivory-biased omnivore which mainly rely on plant sources.

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