Gyrodactylidae (Monogenea: Platyhelminthes) gill parasites of Tetragonopterinae (Characiformes: Characidae) from the upper Paraná river floodplain, Brazil

Eloiza Muniz Capparros, Ricardo Massato Takemoto


Aim. This study records Gyrodactylus neotropicalis Kritsky & Fritts, 1970 and Anacanthocotyle anacanthocotyle Kritsky & Fritts, 1970 in new hosts: Astyanax lacustris (Lütken, 1875) and Moenkhausia forestii Benine, Mariguela & Oliveira, 2009, on the upper Paraná river floodplain. Besides, ecological aspects of the parasites distribution are explored. Methods. Both host species were collected between March and September 2014; monogeneans were removed from the gills using a stereo-microscope and preserved in Hoyer or stained with Gomori’s trichrome and preserved in Balsam of Canada. Illustrations were prepared on a phase contrast microscope. Monogeneans were identified using the appropriate literature. Prevalance, abundance and mean intensity were calculated to parasite species in each host. Results. Gyrodactylus neotropicalis and Anacanthocotyle anacanthocotyle are recorded in new geographic area, upper Paraná river floodplain, in new host species, A. lacustris and M. forestii and in new infection site, gills. A. anacanthocotyle occur in higher prevalence, abundance and intensity parasiting A. lacustris, while G. neotropicalis presented higher prevalence, abundance and intensity in M. forestii. Discussion. G. neotropicalis described by Kritsky & Fritts, 1970, parasite of Astyanax fasciatus (Cuvier), presented a different shield position between anchors than the specimens studied here; A. anacanthocotyle also described by Kritsky & Fritts, 1970 presented spicules in the cephalic region, what was not observed in the specimens studied here. Plasticity in parasitism may explain the difference between monogenean in different hosts. Conclusion. Hitherto there was no record of this Gyrodactylidae species parasiting Characidae fish in South America. Those parasites are the first Gyrodactylidae monogeneans described from A. lacustris and M. forestii.


Taxonomy; Parasitology; freshwater; Moenkhausia forestii; Astyanax lacustris

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