Cosmarium Corda ex Ralfs in lentic environments of the Upper Paraná River floodplain: Taxonomy and ecology

Nicolli Cristina Osório, Bárbara Dunck, Luciana Carapunarla, Ubirajara Lima Fernandes, Kissay Lorena Adame, Maria Gabriela Junqueira, Aparecida Miranda Polinario, Liliana Rodrigues


Aim A taxonomic study of the species of the genus Cosmarium Corda ex Ralfs (Desmidiaceae) was carried out in two lentic environments of the Upper Paraná River floodplain (Garças and Patos Lake). Methods The samples were collected out in November 2016. Two petioles of Eichhornia azurea (Sw) Kunth were sampled and analyzed qualitatively. Results Seventeen species and three varieties were identified, being five taxa in common to both lakes: ten in Garças Lake, and five in Patos Lake. Of this total, thirteen species represent the first record for the environments of the floodplain. Conclusion Thus, this study had the purpose of contributing to the knowledge of the biodiversity of this region, promoting support for future ecological studies and biomonitoring.



Key-Words: desmids, periphyton, toxonomic studie, lakes

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