Pigmented Euglenophyceae of a lentic environment at Upper Paraná River Floodplain.

Susicley Jati


Objective: To contribute to taxonomic knowledge on Pigmented Euglenophyceae at Upper Paraná River Floodplain by enlarging the biodiversity survey in this ecosystem, in addition to contributing to the knowledge on the geographical distribution of this group in Brazil. Material and Methods: Quarterly samplings in the limnetic region of a floodplain lake between February 2000 and March 2009, numbering 30 samples obtained from both vertical and horizontal trawls using plankton net of a 15 µm-mesh aperture and subjected to Transeau-solution preservation. Temporary slides were prepared and analyzed in order to have the organisms identified, measured and photographed through digital camera, directly using an Olympus binocular optical microscope with a 400x/1000x magnification. The analysis included the calculation of Constancy (C) for the sample of each species. In order to summarize the environmental variability, a Principal Component Analysis was applied regarding the physical and chemical data of the environment collected concomitantly to the phytoplankton samplings. Results and Discussion: 36 taxa were identified. Genus Trachelomonas Ehr. Emend. Defl had the best representation, with 20 taxa. Among the taxa surveyed, 53% (16 taxa) constituted new records of occurrence for Upper Paraná River Floodplain. The taxa recorded as frequent (33.3%) are considered cosmopolitan and presenting wide geographical distribution throughout Brazil; however, most of the taxa surveyed (66%) was classified as sporadic or rare, which is probably related to the high environmental variability observed along the study period. Conclusion: Taxa Monomorphina pyrum, Phacus contortus, Ph. longicauda var. major, Ph. rodriguesiae, Strombomonas fluviatilis var. levis, S. triquetra, Trachelomonas acanthophora, T. amphoriformis var. granulosa, T. armata var. armata fa. inevoluta, T. bernardii, T. decora, T. hispida var. crenullatocollis, T. megalacantha, T. molesta, T. obtusa, and T. woycickii var. pusilla  expanded the records of biodiversity for Upper Paraná River Floodplain and constituted new records of geographical distribution for Brazil.


Taxonomy, floodplain lake, eukaryotic alga, Euglenophyceae.

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