The technological level of agricultural mechanization in State of Ceará

Daniel - Albiero, Reuel Scherer Xavier, Angel Pontin Garcia, Arthur Rodrigues Marques, Ruan Lessa Rodrigues


Agricultural mechanization is a major factor of agricultural modernization and there are few data on the technological levels of this mechanization in the State of Ceará. To study this question we designed a structured questionnaire and interviews were done throughout the state, with the data, it was possible to calculate an index of agricultural mechanization technology and study specific hypotheses to farms. The results indicate that the technology levels are different between the farms of different sizes: large and medium farms has level I-M5 (automation) and small farms ranged level IV-M1 / M2 (primary / animal) and III-M3 (preliminary). It concluded that public policy for training should be directed small farms.


mecanização, graus tecnológicos

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