Experiences with web 2.0 in school settings: a framework to select web tools based on a personal learning environment perspective

Patrícia B. Scherer Bassani, Débora Nice Ferrari Barbosa


The use of web applications in education allows the creation of Personal Learning Environments - PLE. This article presents the results of a qualitative study which involves the use of web applications in the final years of elementary education in a private school in Brazil. The aim is to present a framework that helps in the selection of web tools for use in the school, from a PLE perspective. The framework is organized in two layers. The first layer is based on the technical characteristics of the web tool, and the second layer focuses on the possibilities of using some web tool in an educational context. Results point out that the proposed framework can be used to support the teacher in the design of learning activities and in the selection of web tools which are appropriate to the pedagogical approach applied in the teaching and learning process.


web 2.0; ambiente pessoal de aprendizagem; tecnologia na educação