A Bayesian analysis of the parasitic ecology in Jenynsia multidentata (Pisces: Anablepidae)

Martin Miguel Montes, Sergio R. Martorelli


Abstract. Jenynsia multidentata Jenyns, 1842 (one-sided livebearers) are euryhaline viviparous fish of small size, used in the laboratory experiment, important as resource for biological control of mosquito’s larva and a key species to recover eutrophic lakes. Works have been published dealing with parasite biodiversity of this host, but little as been study about the parasite community ecology. From early 2009 to ends of 2010 specimens of J. multidentata were collected from two places, the Salado Relief Channel (S.R.C.) on Samborombon Bay and the Sauce Chico River near to the city of Bahia Blanca (B.B.). All fish were sexed, measured and grouped into sizes/age classes. The fishes from both sites harbored 16 parasitic species: nine digenean, one monogenean, one metacestode, one acanthocephalan, two nematode and two copepods. Lecithaster confusus Odhner, 1905, the metacercariae Hemiuridae gen. sp. indet., metacercariae Thylodelphys Diesing, 1850 (inside the eye), Glossocercus sp., Chandler, 1935 nematode L4 (intestine) and de Ergasilus sieboldii Nordmann, 1832 , are new records for the host. The high number of larval stages made of this fish a link between micro and macroecosystems. The size 2 had the higher biodiversity in both sites, which could be the most suitable age to store the maximal number of parasite of the environment and have a more equitability in their distribution on the host. In B.B. some parasites had higher prevalence and mean abundance due to the small size of the waterbody compared with the S.R.C. Despite that, in S.R.C. exist a higher specific richness and biodiversity due the daily flow of saline and freshwater and proximity of the sample site to the mouth of the channel in the bay. This is the first approximation to an analysis of the parasitic ecology on this host.

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