A new species of rake-legged mite Neocaeculus (Acari, Caeculidae) from Brazilian semi-arid and new data on distribution of Andocaeculus caioi

Ana Paula Ott, Ricardo Ott


The new caeculid species Neocaeculus setecidades sp. nov. from the semiarid is described from the National Park Sete Cidades located in the State of Piauí, Brazil. The species is included in Neocaeculus Coineau, 1967 due the presence of different sized claws on leg I, absence of bothridia in the tarsi of anterior legs and the aspidosomal sclerite overhanging the gnathosoma in lateral view. New data on distribution of Andocaeculus caioi Ott & Ott, 2014 is presented.

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