Mechanical damage caused by the use of grain carts for transport during soybean seed harvest

Rodrigo Albaneze, Francisco Amaral Villela, Jean Carlo Possenti, Karina Guollo, Ivan Carlos Riedo


Mechanical damage constitutes one of the factors limiting production of high quality soybean seeds. The aim
of this study was to evaluate the effects on seed viability and mechanical damage caused to soybean seeds when using a grain
cart, together with an auger unloading system, as a means of transporting grain from the combine to the truck. Seed samples
were collected in two seed production fields in the region of Abelardo Luz, SC, Brazil, at three different times (10:00, 12:30,
and 16:00) and from three places (in the combine grain tank, in the grain wagon, and in the truck). The percentages of broken
seeds, moisture content, mechanical damage to the seed coat, and germination were evaluated. The use of auxiliary grain cart
equipment contributed to an increase in breakage and mechanical injury in seeds, worsening seed viability. Seeds collected at
lower moisture contents had higher breakage and higher rates of mechanical damage.


Glycine max, transport system, physical damage, physiological quality

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