Multivariate index of soybean seed vigor: a new biometric approach applied to the effects of genotypes and environments

Vinícius Jardel Szareski, Ivan Ricardo Carvalho, Gustavo Henrique Demari, Velci Queiróz de Souza, Tiago Corazza da Rosa, Francisco Amaral Villela, Tiago Pedó, Tiago Zanatta Aumonde


The objective of this work was to apply a multivariate index of vigor in soybean seeds to identify the differential
effects of the genotypes x environments interaction on the quality of the seeds produced in the 2016/2017 harvest season.
The experiment was conducted in a randomized block design, organized in the factorial scheme, with five seed production
environments x 20 soybean genotypes, arranged in four replications. The seed production environments of Tenente Portela
- RS and Santa Rosa - RS soybeans are characterized as the environments that express the highest magnitude for seed vigor
index, however biometrically Sarandi - RS has been defined as the optimal environment for the production of high vigor seeds
according to the tested genotypes. High seed vigor index were expressed for the genotypes TMG 7161 RR, AMS Tibagi RR,
BMX Magna RR, Fepagro 37 RR and NA 5909 RG. The differential effects of the genotypes x production environments
interaction of soybean seeds influenced by more than 68% the vigor index of the seeds produced.


Glycine max L., multitrait, differential effects, strategic positioning, seed production.

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