Addition of biostimulant to the industrial treatment of soybean seeds: physiological quality and yield after storage

Lucas Caiubi Pereira, Thaisa Cavalieri Matera, Alessandro Lucca Braccini, Renata Cristiane Pereira, Danilo Cesar Volpato Marteli, Andreia Kazumi Sukukawa, Samara Cavali Piana, Gláucia Cristina Ferri, Larissa Vinis Correia


This study aimed to compare the results of germination, vigor, and yield of high- and low-vigor soybean seeds submitted
to on-farm application of biostimulant with its application via industrial treatment 60 days before sowing. The experimental design was
a factorial arrangement of 6 × 2 × 2 (technology × vigor level × strategy of biostimulant application) for the laboratory experiment and
of 6 × 2 (technology × strategy of biostimulant application) for the field experiment. Germination, accelerated aging, emergence in sand,
seedling dry biomass, and electrical conductivity were assessed in the laboratory, while stand, one thousand-grain weight, and yield
were assessed in the field. Biostimulant application in soybean seeds not coated with pesticides did not affect the physiological quality
regardless of the application moment (at the day of sowing or at 60 days before sowing). However, when applied in seeds coated with
fungicides and insecticides, better results of germination, vigor, and yield were obtained with the on-farm use of biostimulant.


Glycine max, bioregulator, vigor, germination, productivity.

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