Cryopreservation of primed tobacco seeds

Camila Aparecida Lopes, Maria Laene Moreira de Carvalho, Ana Cristina de Souza, João Almir Oliveira, Dayliane Bernardes de Andrade


Priming is a commercial technique used to increase the speed and uniformity of seed germination. However,
the physiological quality of primed seeds is usually negatively affected during storage. Tobacco seeds of the cultivar BAT
2101 were used to investigate whether primed seeds could be cryopreserved. The most suitable substances, type of drying,
and reheating during priming and cryopreservation of tobacco seeds were studied. Seed priming was performed with water,
spermidine, and potassium nitrate, and drying was carried out with silica gel and a saturated saline solution. Seeds were
cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen for 24 h and reheated in a water bath for two and five minutes and at ambient temperature.
Tobacco seeds primed with spermidine and water can be cryopreserved without loss of physiological quality when quickly
dried on silica gel and reheated in a water bath for two minutes.


germination, emergence, Nicotiana tabacum, reheating, drying.

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