Exploring cortical bone density through ultrasound integrated reflection coefficient

Daniel Patterson Matusin, Aldo Fontes-Pereira, Paulo Rosa, Thiago Barboza, Sergio Souza, Marco Antônio von Krüger, Wagner Pereira


This work evaluates the relation between ultrasonic reflection and bone density from fourteen cylindrical bovine cortical bone samples (3.0-cm thick).
Twenty US reflection signals per sample were acquired along its surface (2.0-mm step). The Integrated Reflection Coefficient (IRC) from each signal was compared to Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT).
Seven IRC and QCT curves presented Pearson's Correlation R-value above 0.5. For weak correlation curves, QCT and IRC have similar tendencies in several segments.
IRC was sensible to bone density variation. Levels of Evidence: Investigating a Diagnostic Test

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