Special Issue on Applications of Operations Research in the Public Sector

Operations research as a career dates back to World War II, as a means of analyzing defense challenges, with first contributions to antiaircraft fire-control and radar systems, antisubmarine warfare methods, convoy sizing and routing, and other military problems. In the following decades, O.R. extended from military applications to the public and private sectors.

This special issue focuses on governmental planning and policy problems with distinct decision requirements than similarly named problems found in business and industry. In addition to O.R. applications in military problems, the topics of interest for this publication are decision models applied to public security, natural disaster response, humanitarian operations, pandemic management, public acquisition, and related concerns.

This special issue aims to collect research works presented at the 2022 Brazilian Symposium on Operations Research (54th SBPO); however, any research work related to the subject of this special issue that was not presented to the SBPO will be eligible for review and publication.

Under the direction of the Guest Editors, all submissions will undergo a rigorous review process.

Pesquisa Operacional is published by the Brazilian Operations Research Society (SOBRAPO). It is a free-to-authors open-access Journal, supported by the Scielo platform.

The authors must submit their manuscripts at

Manuscript due April, 28, 2023

First Round of Reviews: July, 2023

Final Acceptance:  November, 2023.

Special Issue Guest Editors:

Luiz Octávio Gavião, Brazilian War College (ESG)

Carlos Francisco Simões Gomes, Fluminense Federal University (UFF)

Leonardo Antonio Monteiro Pessôa, Naval Systems Analysis Center (CASNAV)